Bibbona perfectly mixes the charm of medieval towns with that of its surrounding green forests and countryside. The town dates to the Villanovan era and was later inhabited by Etruscans. Today, Bibbona vaunts a centuries-old fortress, once the residence of its ruling family.


After strolling through town, head to the coast. Here, near Forte del 1700 (built to defend the area from pirate invasions) you’ll find one of the most popular tourist destinations of the Etruscan Coast: Marina di Bibbona. Its beaches, usually adorned with blue flags boasting Vele di Legambiente (the environmental association), are ideal for anyone looking to unwind immersed in nature.


The long sandy beaches, shaped by golden dunes and mounds of Mediterranean scrub, flank crystal-clear waters and an enchanting pine forest. Wide stretches of free beach are dotted with bathing facilities, offering readily available nautical services, including a small beach area for canine friends. Don’t forget to try tasty, local fish dishes in one of the esteemed restaurants around the area.


The Macchia della Magona is a natural reserve that spans over 1600 hectares. Perfect year-round, it’s a top destination for a nature and sport-loving tourists. The Macchia is home to a variety of Mediterranean plants, including a biogenetic oasis. Choose between sixteen itineraries that unfold along 50 km of the area, perfect for exploring an environment teeming with wildlife. Among these itineraries, check out Nel cuore della Magona, a route accessible via foot, bike or horseback. Crossing valleys and trekking up hills, you’ll observe a large variety of tree species: deciduous, pine, broom, holm oak, evergreen shrub, maple, elm and other shrub species typical of the Mediterranean scrub.


The Macchia della Magona is also home to many animal species: wild boars, roes, fallow deer, wild sheep, hares, foxes, porcupines, badgers, squirrels and martens roam the area, not to mention the many birds that stop here during migration, including woodcocks, wood pigeons and buzzards.

Direction from Bibbona and Marina di Bibbona to Casa Ulivino